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About the data

This site tracks real Google Analytics data from 60 websites. The sites we are tracking vary widely in both industry and monthly traffic volume to the site to give an overall state of the (not provided) situation. Although the vast majority of these sites are UK businesses serving a UK audience, this data is very likely a fair comparrison to (not provided) count across the web.

Type of sites in the data set

In the data set we've covered sites that serve consumers directly as well as those that deal direct to other businesses. In the mix we have:

  • Business to consumer sites: 39
  • Business to business sites: 21
  • Government sites: 1

The calculation

The (not provided) percentage is simply calculated as follows:

(not provided) % = (not provided visits / Google organic visits) * 100

Live updates

At midnight a fresh pull is made to get the total (not provided) count for the previous 24 hours for each of the 60 sites. This data is then crunched to produce the charts. Each point on the homepage charts represent a rolling period of 7 days (as opposed to a Monday to Sunday week) meaning it always gives a true idea of the percentage rather than dropping at the end during the middle of the week.

One data set in use is that of Archers Sleep Centre. This bed and mattress retailer has a 'general' retail/eccomerce audience so is a good site to get a rough benchmark of (not provided) for those confused by all the data.


To avoid contaminating the data we can't show you all of the actual URLs of the sites used, but you can drill down into the types of sites in the data set and get their individual (not provided) count on the homepage.

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