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We track 60 sites to chart the rise of the keyword "(not provided)"

Across all tracked sites

Live (not provided) counter
Google enabled (not provided)
1982 days ago
(not provided) will hit 100% on
2 July 2018
(based on current rate of growth)
Updates daily. Latest data: 28th May 2015 00:00 (GMT)

Average % (not provided) Google Traffic

Latest count tweeted daily!

What is (Not Provided) Count?

(Not Provided) Count uses live Google Analytics data from 60 websites to track the rise of the "(not provided)" keyword, and the decline of real keyword data.

Tell me more...

In 2011, Google began to restrict the keyword data they sent to websites so that visits coming from secure Google search pages would appear in Google Analytics under the label (not provided), instead of the actual search term.

So what?

Grouping a large number of keywords under the banner of (not provided) denies site owners fundamental information about how their site is performing in organic search. The percentage of (not provided) traffic Google is sending your site is steadily rising, and will one day hit 100%.


Google Analytics report. (not provided) is the top refering keyword

A typical Google Analytics report of organic Google traffic shows (not provided) as the top keyword

See the data...

While the headline chart above shows the sites we're tracking as an overall average, here you can drill-down to the individual sites contributing to that average.


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